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High gloss, great coverage and various concentrations of carbon black.

Black masterbatches are used not only for coloring plastics, but also for imparting special properties such as conductivity and light stability, they are known for unique characteristics and properties, including:

  • High tinctorial strength;
  • UV stability;
  • High temperature resistance;
  • Do not show migration.

Black masterbatches offer a number of important characteristics and properties that justify their use in a variety of applications, these include:

  • Mulching film;
  • Geo Textiles;
  • Molding of Rotomolded Tanks;
  • Tubes;
  • Geomembranes;
  • Drip irrigation;
  • Wires and cables. 

Some black concentrates require a high concentration of pigments and need to be formulated to ensure compatibility with the polymeric matrix and adequate dispersion for each application. Identifying the correct type of black pigment, be it a specific carbon black, graphite, dye or even an NIR reflective black pigment, requires extensive experience.

Our black masterbatches are designed to suit a wide variety of applications, from tubes, cables and packaging films to films for agricultural applications that need to be weather resistant. We also have in-line products suitable for injection molding parts that require a deep black color and a high gloss finish. We offer differentiated performance and reliable quality because we manufacture our products under strict standards, they meet the most different types of resins, such as: PVC, SAN, PET, PBT, PC, PA, POM, PLA, TPO, PE, EVA, PP, PE, EVA, PP, PS, ABS, TPU, etc.

Cristal Master's products are exclusively developed and indicated, and can be accompanied by a wide variety of additive packages, which reduces the cost of the final application and facilitates the incorporation of different functions to the process and/or to the product.

For more information on Cristal Master black masterbatches, their applications and regulatory status, please contact Cristal Master or your local representative.