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A Universe of Colors, Tones and Undertones.

Cristal Master specializes in the development of color masterbatches. Pigment and/or dye concentrates make it possible to dye polymers in the transformation process. Thanks to the great versatility we have in terms of formulation, it is possible to impart color and other properties to the final product through clean processing.

The colored masterbatch is a solid product (pellet) manufactured on a base resin, in which pigments and/or additives are optimally dispersed in high concentration. The manufacture of color masterbatches can be summarized in 5 stages: separation of the formula components, mixing, melting through heating and shearing, cooling and cutting.

Our color masterbatches are used by many sectors of the plastic processing market, including the automotive, packaging, construction, textile, toy, wire and cable industries, etc.

By displaying various colors in our platelet, film, wire and virtual catalogs, we can transport our customers to a part of our portfolio that includes solid, transparent, translucent and effect colors (pearl, metallic, marble, etc).

We are always evolving and advancing, together with technology and the knowledge of our professionals, offering differentiated performance and reliable quality because we manufacture our products under strict standards, they meet the most different types of resins, such as: PVC, SAN, PET, PBT, PC, PA, POM, PLA, TPO, PE, EVA, PP, PE, EVA, PP, PS, ABS, TPU, etc.

Cristal Master's products are exclusively developed and indicated, and can be accompanied by a wide variety of additive packages, which reduces the cost of the final application and facilitates the incorporation of different functions to the process and/or to the product.

For more information on Cristal Master color masterbatches, their applications and regulatory status, please contact Cristal Master or your local representative

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