Colored Concentrates


That final touch which was lacking in your project? We have it! Besides the traditional colors, we present colors with edge effect, metalized, glitter, iridescent, neon, pearled, fluorescent, etc. They are colored concentrates in the most varied tonalities and effects.

Check out some of our colors in our virtual catalog, and if you do not find the color that you want, contact us for development:


*The colors presented on this site were adjusted in an LCD monitor and must only be taken as references, the colors presented on the screen being able to diverge from the colors of the products after the application on determined resins due to the different configurations of monitors. If you have a Pantone catalog, our colors have the reference code, or contact a salesperson to obtain further information concerning the product and request a sample for tests.

Recommendations for better viewing of the colors on the site:
• Adjust the screen of your notebook/computer to 90º;
• Observe the color maintaining a right angle between your eyes and the center of the screen of the notebook/computer.