• Headquarters Joinville
  • Branch RS
  • Branch PE
  • Branch SP

Founded in 2004 in the city of Joinville / SC, Cristal Master provides additive and pigmentation solutions for thermoplastic transformers. In its headquarters it has a modern industrial park, a highly equipped laboratory and a specialized team for the development of new products and quality control of the batches produced.

To ensure efficiency and punctuality, it also has its own fleet, making deliveries in the north and south of the country.
Cristal Master handles all the domestic territory and Latin America, having a specialized sales team, with fully customized service, seeking to maintain  its competitiveness through its commitment to continuous improvement.

Develop solutions in pigment preparation and thermoplastic additives in accordance with Customers’ requirements.

Be a domestic reference in preparing pigments and additives for the thermoplastic transformation industry.

Quality Policy 
Focusing on continuous improvement, suppling products and services with quality aiming at satisfying our customers, coworkers, investors, suppliers, the environment and governmental bodies.


Transparency; Commitment; Humility; Common sense.

Headquarters Joinville - Cristal Master

Headquarters Joinville
Av. Santos Dumont, 3785
Distrito Industrial, 89219-730
47 3451.5000

Seeking the optimization of logistics and service in the South of the country, in 2012 the first branch of Cristal Master was installed in São Leopoldo/RS, containing inventory to handle the most varied segments of the thermoplastic industry. The deliveries are customized by means of its own fleet.

Branch São Leopoldo - RS - Cristal Master

Branch São Leopoldo - RS
Av. Senador Salgado Filho, 1960
Scharlau, 93120-000
47 3451.5004

Prioritizing quality in service and swiftness in deliveries in the northeastern region of Brazil, the unit installed since  2013 in Jaboatão dos Guararapes/PE, has inventory to handle the most varied types of thermoplastic  transformers in the region.

Branch Jaboatão dos Guararapes - PE - Cristal Master

Branch Jaboatão dos Guararapes - PE
Rua General Abreu e Lima, Nº 154 Galpão A
Piedade - CEP 54400-410
81 3094.5450

Focusing upon the quality of service and optimizing logistics for the Brazilian central west and southeastern region, the installations of the branch of Itupeva/SP have been operating since 2014, to handle all the segments of the thermoplastic industry. It has inventory available of coloring masterbatches and additives, besides its own fleet for deliveries in the region of São Paulo.

Branch Itupeva - SP - Cristal Master

Branch Itupeva - SP
Av. Emilio Chechinato, 4055
São Roque da Chave, 13295-274
47 3451.5012