Black Concentrates


Cristal Master cuenta con masterbatches negros que confieren las más variadas propiedades de poder de cobertura, rendimiento, resistencia a la intemperie, dispersión, y aplicaciones finales como: PE, PP, PS, EVA, ABS, PVC, PA, POM, SAN, PC, PBT, TPE, TPU, TPO, PLA, Polisulfona, PET, etc.

When combined with additives it offers benefits such as:

· Electrical conductivity;
· Thermal stability;
· Protection from UV;
· Flame resistance; 
· Antimicrobial effect;
· Dissipation of heat;
· Compatibility with polymeric blends.

You can opt to purchase the additive separately from the black masterbatch, or to buy the masterbatch with the additive already duly incorporated.

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