High performance additives

      The gravimetric dosing system is a system increasingly used in the production of flexible films for packaging, since it combines technological solutions that offer precision in the dosage and maximum control of the weight per meter of film. Keeping the weight / meter ratio constant is essential for film extrusion because it generates material savings, optimizes material usage, reduces waste and develops higher value films.

      Higher precision and safety in dosages guarantee greater productivity and quality in the final result of the process, so Cristal Master presents its line of additive concentrates which, with low percentage of use (0,5 to 1%), give the film a variety of properties, such as reduction of the coefficient of friction, reduction of the blocking effect, sliding effect, dissipation of static charges, among others. In addition to marketing the additives independently, Cristal Master can provide formulations that combine two or even more additives to simultaneously obtain different properties.

      The additives concentrates of Cristal Master indicated for use by means of gravimetric dosing system were developed considering the most varied extrusion processes, including a line of additives that apply from conventional extrusion (monolayer) to multi-layer extrusion (coextrusion) and BOPP extrusion.