Expanded polyethylene (EPE) is a type of recyclable and excellent quality cushioning LDPE foam used in a wide range of applications, for example in products for the building industry, food packaging production, automotive components, articles of leisure, etc.              

The manufacture of EPE for use in pipes, films, plates, profiles or plates includes a number of processes and the addition of various additives. These additives are required in the production process and can also provide improved performance to the final EPE product.              

The wide range of special additives from Cristal Master can be added to expanded polyethylene during processing to provide a number of benefits during process and end use, including reduced friction during extrusion, more uniform cell size distribution, better gas with no cellular collapse and antistatic effect.              

The size and distribution of EPE cell size play a substantial role in the efficiency and performance of the final product. In this sense, Cristal Master adds to its portfolio the anti-collapse additive whose purpose is to prevent the collapse (deflation) of expanded polyethylene foams with hydrocarbon gas during the process of extrusion and storage, thereby maintaining the dimensions of the extruded product.

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