Bacteria and fungi develop in environments that provide adequate food, moisture and temperature for their growth. Our hands are the main route of transport of microorganisms that can occur through direct contact (skin to skin), or indirect, through the contact of the hand with contaminated objects and surfaces. Thus, people are often exposed to the risks of microbial contamination.

With the objective of controlling and inactivating deteriorating and pathogenic microorganisms, providing more confidence in the use of plastic parts that are part of our daily life, Cristal Master presents its antimicrobial line for thermoplastics. 

Product Differential:

 - Zinc-based bactericidal additive;

 - Nontoxic;

 - Acts killing bacteria by contact;

 - It can be incorporated to the plastic pieces by the most diverse means of manufacture;

 - Excellent physical anchorage;

 - It is compatible with various polymers and their additives.

 Main benefits:

 - The value perceived by the consumer in the face of the concern with the quality and the health of the consumers demonstrated by the transformer, which causes an increase of the Market Share;

 - The brand stands out in the market through differentiation, making it innovative;

 - The performance in new markets due to the greater range of products developed;

 - The product's toxicity that allows its use in several segments, including the segments of food packaging and toy manufacturing;

 - Low cost of incorporation;

 - The protection of the plastic against the proliferation of bacteria and fungi.

 - This protection comes against one of the most talked about topics: avoid cross-contamination.