Free Contact Additive Launch

In October, Cristal Master launched the additive FREE CONTACT.

Suitable for the process of film extrusion, multifilaments, non-woven and raffia, the additive FREE CONTACT acts in different ways in each process.
RAFFIA: Acts as a transparent antifibrillator.
FILM: Can be used as an anti-block.
MULTIFILAMENTS AND NON-WOVEN: it acts as process and product improver, assisting in several points:
· Leaves filaments looser;
· Eliminates blocking;
· Reduces the tension of the wire in the coil;
· It gives higher volume to the filament;
· It allows the increase of the title (denier / filament) without losing the softness.
In our line we have available some items like 23106-BN, 29856-QN and 30066-GN, in which the percentage of application varies between 2 and 4% in PP and PA.